Your Pintos

This 1978 Pinto Cruising Wagon belongs to the original owner Dave Kawa.
The picture was taken about 12 years ago at Hinckley Lake in upstate N.Y.

This Pinto Crusing Wagon belongs to Manuel Buetti, who resides in Ticino, Switzerland.

This 1980 Pinto belongs to Tim to see more go to The Turbo Pinto

This 72 Pinto belongs Scott Hamilton.
It has a Vanity Plate that says KBOOM

This 72 Pinto Runabout belongs to Steve Shockey who resides in Burgaw, NC.

This 78 Cruising Wagon belongs to John Shockey who resides in Hampstead, NC.

This Pinto Wagon belongs to Ron Russell, it is chopped and has a turbo 2.3 with Nitrous.

This 73 Pinto (aka "Avocado Lucy") belonged to Anne Hutchins back in the 70's.
It has an optional appearance package of white with avocado interior and trim,
also available in white with orange trim.

The new Pinto, before and after

The old Pinto

These Cruising Wagons belong to Kevin Holston

This 75 Pinto belongs to Richard Chandler. It has a 77 frontend, 302 v8 with c-4 auto tranny, and has been converted to 5 lug wheels.

This Cruising Wagon belonged to Sean Schauffler , who resides in Stow, Ohio. It had a 2.8L V6.

This 79 sedan has a V-8 with a 4-speed, 9 inch rear with 3.55 gears belongs to Greg Gronau who resides in South Dakota.

This 72 Runabout belongs to Denniz Stern of Worcester, Massachusetts.
It is equipped with pop out quarter windows, AM radio, 2000cc and a 4 spd.

Silly me, I erased my emails before getting all the info.

This Pinto is raced by Jess Neal.
Hey Jess email me with some more info.

This one belongs to Tom.
Hey Tom email me with some more info too.


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