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Ford Pinto Decoder

Vehicle Certification Label

The Vehicle Certification Label (V.C. Label) is affixed on the left front door lock face panel or door pillar. The upper half of the label contains the name of manufacturer, month and year of manufacture, Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR), and the certification statement.

The remaining information on the V.C. Label consists of the following vehicle identification codes.

Color Codes
The color code consists of two or four digits. The first two digits represent the exterior body color. If the vehicle is equipped with a vinyl roof, the second two digits will indicate the style and color of the vinyl roof.

DSO Codes
The DSO (District Sales Office) code is two digits, designating the sales district where the vehicle was ordered.

Body Codes
The Body code consists of two numerals and one letter, indicating the car line and body style.

Trim Codes
The Trim code consists of two letter. The first letter indicates the type of trim and the second letter indicates the color of trim.

Schedule Date
The Schedule Date is a three digit code designating the day and month the vehicle was scheduled to be built.

Axle Codes
The Axle code consists of a single number. The number indicates the ratio and type of axle installed in the vehicle.

Transmission Codes
The Transmission code is a single letter indicating the type and model of the transmission installed in the vehicle.

A.C. Codes
The A.C. code is a letter A. It will be shown on the label if the vehicle is air conditioned.

Vehicle Identification Number

Example 1:
VIN 2X11X100001
2 - Model year (1972)
X - Assembly Plant
11 - Body Serial (3 door)
X - Engine code (2.0)
100001 - Consecutive Unit Number

Example 2:
VIN 9T11Y176643
9 - Model year (1979)
T - Assembly Plant
11 - Body Serial (3 door)
Y - Engine code (2.3)
176643 - Consecutive Unit Number

Model Years
1 - 1971
2 - 1972
3 - 1973...
9 - 1979
0 - 1980

Assembly Plants
A - Alanta - Ford
B - Oakville - Ford
E - Mahwah - Granada, Monarch, Fairmont, Zephyr
F - Dearborn - Mustang,Capri
G - Chicago - Thunderbird
H - Lorain - LTD II, Cougar, XR7, Ranchero
J - Los Angeles - Ford, Thunderbird
K - Kansas City - Fairmont,Zephyr
R - San Jose - Pinto, Bobcat, Mustang
S - (Pilot) Allen Park - All
T - Metuchen - Pinto, Bobcat
U - Louisville - Ford
W - Wayne - Granada, Monarch, Versailles
X - St. Thomas - Pinto, Fairmont, Zephyr
Y - Wixom - Lincoln, Mark V
Z - St. Louis - Mercury

Body Serial Codes
10 - Pinto 2 door Sedan
11 - Pinto 3 door Hatchback
12 - Pinto Wagon

Engine Codes
W - 1.6 L4 ohv
X - 2.0 I4 ohc
Y - 2.3 I4 ohc
Z - 2.8 V6 ohv

Consecutive Unit Number
The last six digits of the Vehicle Identification Number indicate the Consecutive Unit Number of each unit built at each assembly plant. The Consecutive Unit Numbers begin as follows:
100 001 thru 600 000 - Ford, LTD II, Granada, Mustang, Thunderbird, Fairmont, Pinto, Ranchero.

600 001 thru 999 999 - Mercury, Cougar, Zephyr, Monarch, Bobcat, Versailles, Capri, Lincoln, Mark V.