1977 Options

Pinto restyled with a sportier look.
New “soft” nose w/ sloping hood & flexible fender extension & stone deflector assembly.
Soft urethane headlamp housings were taller then before, but the grille itself was narrower.
New extruded aluminum bumpers front & rear.
New body colors added.
New vinyl roof grain available.
Runabouts had optional all-glass “3rd” door.
New cloth trim option on the standard high-back buckets.
New lower axle ratio (2.73) w/ standard OHC 140 cid (2.3L), and hooked to wide-ratio 4 speed.
Low-Budget Pony came with rack&pinion steering, front disc brakes, all-vinyl high-back front bucket seats, mini console, color-keyed carpeting, and argent hubcaps.
The 2door sedan included a color-keyed instrument panel & steering wheel, bright backlight trim, plus bright drip and belt moldings.
Runabouts had a fold-down rear seat, rear liftgate, and rubbermat on the loaded floor.
All models (except the Pony) could have 170.8 cid (2.8L) V-6 instead of I4.
Pinto had shorter man.-trans shift lever to speed up shifting. New sports option included tach, ammeter gauge, temp gauge, new soft rim sports steering wheel, front stabilizer bar, higher-rate springs, and higher axle ratio.

New CRUISING WAGON, styled along the lines of the Econoline Cruising Van blanked rear quarters with glass portholes, styled wheels, Sports Rallye equipment, and carpeted rear section.
Other major options:
- Flip-up removable sunroof
- Manual 4-way bucket seat
- Runabout cargo area cover
- 2-tone paint
- simulated wire wheel covers
- high-altitude option
An Interior Decor Group included Alpine cloth plaid trim on low-back bucket seats.

140 cid
Cast iron block & head
Bore/Stroke: 3.78 x 3.13
9.0:1 comp.
Brake HP: 89 @ 4800 rpm
TQ: 120 lb-ft @ 3000 rpm
5 main bearings
Hydralic valve lifters
Carb: 2bbl MOTORCRAFT 5200
VIN Code: “Y”

Wheelbase: 94.5” / Wagon 94.8”
Height: 50.6” / wagon 52”
Width: 69.4” / wagon 69.7”
Front tread: 55”
Rear Tread: 55.8”
Standard tires: A78 x 13

Front Suspension:
Coil springs with short/long control arms, lower leading arms, and anti-sway bar on wagons.
Rear suspension:
Rigid-axle w/ semi-elliptic leaf springs

Fuel tank: 13 gal (Wagon 14)

V6 ($289)
170.8 cid
60degree overhead valve
cast iron block& head
Bore/Stroke: 3.66 x 2.70
Comp: 8.7:1
Brake HP: 93 @ 4200 rpm
TQ: 140 lb-ft @ 2600 rpm
4 main bearings
SOLID valve lifters
Carb: 2bbl MOTORCRAFT 2150
VIN Code: “Z”

SelectShift Cruise-O-Matic ($196)
Optional axle ratio ($14)
Power brakes ($58)
Power steering ($124)
H.D. Battery ($16)
High altitude option ($39)

Cruising Wagon option including bodyside tape strip ($416)
Sports Rallye pkg ($89)
Exterior Decor Group ($160)
Convenience light group ($73 - $108)
Deluxe bumper group ($65)
Protection group ($122 - $142)
A/C ($446)
Rear defroster, electric ($73)
Tinted glass ($48)
Dual sport mirrors ($45)
AM radio ($76)
AM radio w/ stereo tape player ($204)
AM/FM radio ($135)
AM/FM Stereo radio ($184)
Sunroof, man ($243)
Flip-up open air roof ($147)
Half vinyl roof ($133)
All-glass 3rd door ($13)
Metallic glow paint ($58)
2 tone paint/tape treatment ($5 - $51)
Special paint/tape w/ luggage rack: cruising wagon ($58)
Black narrow vinyl-insert bodyside moldings ($37)
Roof luggage rack ($80)
Rocker panel moldings ($20)
4-way drivers seat ($33)
Load floor carpet ($23)
Cargo area cover ($30)
Wire wheel covers ($79 - $119)
Forged aluminum wheels ($57 - $183)
Styled steel wheels ($98 - $127)
Wheel covers ($29)
A78 x 13 WSW
A70 x 13 RWL
B78 x 13 BSW/WSW
BR78 x 13 BSW/WSW
BR70 x 13 RWL